I put the experts advice to the test.

With 6 websites in my portfolio, in 6 different niches, including an adult website, I put the experts advice to test and show you the results.  So you spend more time on the things that work, and less time following the guru's that are already established, because yes, it is easier when you have a following of any kind.

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7 FREE Reports, Hippy

You know I like to spend my time making your time more productive... maybe I just have an addiction for marketing and am obsessed with trying new things... or perhaps I want you to succeed with more ease than it took me... either way, I am quite a fan of the hippy...

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13 Most Profitable Affiliate Niches

Did you know that getting targeted traffic to a low end offer is just as difficult as getting targeted traffic to a high end offer?  So, the most profitable affiliate niches are not always low commission. The only difference is the payout you get when they buy, so for...

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THE Best Social Share Buttons with Counter

You know you need social signal and social share buttons but when you have no shares that big 0 staring you and your readers in the face isn't really much of a signal.  So what is the best social share buttons with counter? Social sharing plug-in's seem to be a...

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Warming Your List and Constant Selling

You have been building the email list that every man and his horse tells you, you simply must have. You have been emailing promotions to them but your not getting sales. Try warming the list before you send promotions and make sure every email has a sales goal.  ...

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6 Basic Elements of Every Blog Post

One of the biggest things you need to do as a blogger is keep your audience interested, from word 1 - infinity. This is just a quick list of the 6 basics you need to include in every post.     Catchy Title Your post title needs to achieve two things. Getting...

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Marketing with PLR…should you do it?

Content marketing can be time consuming or expensive depending on if you are creating it yourself or outsourcing. Both methods have their pro's and con's which you probably already know, so I won't go into detail today.   This constant problem often leads...

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Email Marketing Plan: Your Marketing + Next Level!

If your email marketing results are leaving you unhappy it is probably time to establish an email marketing plan. If you aren’t using email marketing yet it really is time you started, a plan will ensure you have a strategy before you get subscribers which will allow...

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