THE Best Social Share Buttons with Counter

by | Oct 15, 2016 | Blogging | 0 comments

You know you need social signal and social share buttons but when you have no shares that big 0 staring you and your readers in the face isn't really much of a signal.  So what is the best social share buttons with counter?

Social sharing plug-in's seem to be a requirement for any site these days.

Social signals form a large part of your readers trust, so what do you do when you don't have many shares but would like some really awesome share buttons.

Get the Social Share Starter plug-in by Karol K of New Internet Order.

See those mashable style share buttons with counter are nice, large, loud, really drawing in your readers attention.  That is what they look like.



  • Large, bright colored buttons to draw your readers attention
  • Ability to only share the share count once you have reached your minimum
  • Free
  • Simple back end


  • Must have uploaded a featured image for Pinterest to work
  • No custom CSS styling to change the look
  • Only 5 major social platforms supported
  • Email Opt-in Required

So, there you have it.  In my opinion the best, simplest and easiest to use social sharing plug in for WordPress.  I use it on all of my sites, and I get great results.

Just one more thing, the share buttons do not appear when in preview mode, they only appear after a post is published.

What should you set your minimum shown shares to?

I have no idea, I base it on the site.  On my more viral style sites I set it to around the 30 mark.  I always use an odd number such as 36, 34, 37, no 35, or 30, just so that it looks more natural.  On smaller sites like this I have it set to somewhere between 15-20.

Could you do me a favor?

Make use of those wonderful buttons and make the counter tick over for me?