You have been building the email list that every man and his horse tells you, you simply must have.

You have been emailing promotions to them but your not getting sales.

Try warming the list before you send promotions and make sure every email has a sales goal.


I know this sounds like a simple solution and it really is but it is one that is so often overlooked.


When you meet a person at a party do you immediately start telling them about what you have for sale, or do you warm them up to the type of work you do first?

I am hoping it is the latter, and it is exactly what you need to do with your list.

I am about to show you how to warm your list before you send a promotion, keep reading to the end to download the exact sequence of emails I use to do it.


Warming your email list

Provide content first

Before you even try to sell to your list, make sure they have gone through a sequence of content emails designed to simply help them with their problem before you make an offer.

In these emails think about the first product or next product you will be trying to sell, mention the creator in a conversational way, share a link to a quote or blog post they have written.


Try to secure an interview with the product creator, do a search for all the questions people have about the topic and ask them to the product creator.  The answers are almost a sales pitch in themselves.

Guest Post

A few months before a big launch, ask the creator to write a quick guest post for your site, with a list of actionable tips on the topic.  Make sure you mention they have a product coming out soon, and include an opt-in box for readers to be notified of launch, or to join an early bird list original site.

Podcast or Video

Invite the creator onto your podcast or to join you on a video session, if neither of these are possible, ask them if you can use a couple of their videos to create an introduction video for your fans.

You may be thinking why would they let me do this, because it will create sales for them.

Email Their Content

I touched on this earlier, but if you are regularly sending your subscribers content, send them an article or someone else's interview with the creator, perhaps a quick FAQ style email, or a quick tip about __________ from ____________.

Interview a satisfied customer

If the creator themselves in unable to do an interview of any kind, try to find someone that has learned from them, or trained with them, and interview them about what they learned and what success they have had using it.

Create your own

Offer a free training of your own.

This is not a copyright breech and I will give you an example.

Let's assume your next product launch is a training about making the most of Facebook advertising.

Within the 3 months prior, advertise on your own social media channels, your blog, and your email list, that you have created a free kickstarter to working with Facebook for Businesses.

This is a 3 part beginners training series that includes best practices, Don't make these mistakes, and actionable guide to growing your fan base.

In this training you will not cover Facebook advertising, but at the end of the email training sequence include 3-5 emails using the content ideas I have listed above.  Then the rest of your sales type emails.


This is some of the content ideas I use with my own email list.

If you are new to internet marketing and don't have a list yet, follow a similar sequence on your social media channels and blog instead.

Make sure you include content upgrades to build your list, and always link to the product from every post.

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