Writers Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing for Queen Optimize! My standards are high, but I’m always interested in quality guest posts from quality bloggers.

Just make sure you read this page in its entirety, okay? It’ll save both you and me a lot of time and hassle.

Before you get started it might be worth getting on my radar, follow me on social media, send me a message, share a post of mine.

Just a heads up, Twitter is my favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your expectations for guest bloggers?

I expect my guest bloggers…

  • To be active in the comments section during the 72 hours after their guest post is published (and to periodically check in afterwards)
  • To promote their guest post during its first week, and to promote it periodically in the weeks and months to follow
  • To write thoroughly-awesome guest posts

Nothing too crazy, right?

What should I write about? What topics?

Hopefully, you have a good idea of the type of content regularly published on this site. If you don’t, please browse around and get a feel for the place.

I like quality , actionable information about online business or internet marketing, success stories, things I call thought leaders (an unusual take on common situations).

Send me your idea I can only say no.

I’m looking for posts that will make my readers go “wow.” Posts they can’t wait to share with their friends. Posts people won’t forget two seconds later.

What about length of posts?

I am a rare exception of you can provide original value in 300 words that's great, I can pop it in my quick bytes category, if you need 3000 words that's fine too, send me an outline and we can take it from there.

Posts need to be crisp and clear to be accepted.

What about links?

I allow 1 link to your site within the body and 2 in your bio.  If you are linking to sources and relevant blog posts, including our posts they are allowed as well, as long as they pass my approval.

Should I include photos?

Yes, but only if you have permission to use them. If you’re using a Creative Commons image, be sure to provide its link so we can give proper credit to the owner. Screenshots are welcomed and encouraged.

To ensure they look the best in my theme I aim for images 600px wide.

I like to swear sometimes – is that okay?


Profanity, adult subject matter, crude humor, and the like are prohibited.

What should I do after publishing?

I expect you will promote the post on social media and email it to your list of subscribers (if you have one). I also expect you to be active in the comments section.

This bears repeating: It’s expected you will promote your guest post and respond to comments left to you in a timely manner.The easiest way to get on an editors bad side is to go MIA as soon as your guest post is published.

Also, while you should never republish the post, it’s perfectly okay for you to offer an excerpt of the post on your blog, and then supply a link where your readers can read the rest.

Who retains ownership of my post?

You will always be credited as the author, but once your post has been published on Queen Optimize it becomes the property of Queen Optimize.

In short: You’re the author, but you’re giving over ownership to it.

This means you shouldn’t publish it elsewhere. It also means you shouldn’t take it, tweak the title, change a few words here and there, and publish it elsewhere. Google won’t like that (and neither would I).

Do you pay for guest posts?

Guest blogging for Queen Optimize isn’t a paying gig at this stage. What you get is the opportunity to write for an up-and-coming blog, add to your writing portfolio, and expose your work to a growing audience.

Can I be a regular contributor?

If you prove to be a quality writer who actively promotes his/her guest posts and interacts with readers in the comments, I may ask you to write on a recurring basis.

What will happen after I submit my pitch?

Once you submit your pitch, I’ll review it. If your pitch is accepted, I will send you an invitation to edit a Google Doc.

This Google Doc will be populated with your headline and filler text (comprised of helpful instructions for formatting, tips for writing, etc). You will write your guest post draft within this Google Doc.

After your draft is complete, you’ll send me a quick email and the editing process will begin. I’ll make comments and suggestions right there in the Google Doc. And once I’m finished, I’ll hand the Google Doc back to you.

We’ll repeat as necessary.

Please Note: Your post will not be scheduled for publication until it’s met the my standards, if we can't agree on quality the post remains yours and you can do what you will. Don’t feel bad. Every great writer gets edited.

Anything else I should know?

Your post needs to be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

It needs to be insightful, helpful, and worthwhile.

It needs to be new and unique. By that I mean it has not been previously published in any form.

It should be written in a conversational style.

It should keep paragraphs short. White space is your friend.

It should break up sections using H2, H3, or H4 headings (like I’m doing on this page). This helps with clarity.

I reserve the right to edit the headline and article for keyword tsrgetting purposes.

How to submit your pitch

I haven't scared you off yet, that's awesome.  I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Submit your pitch via the contact form and be sure to include your website and social profiles so I can check out your work.